Monday, November 8, 2010

Animal Oddities

Pink Dolphin
From what is being dubbed as the hot pink dolphin off of the Gulf of Mexico to two headed animals, oddities seem to happen a few times a year and they fascinate us every single time.
pink dolphin
Giant Hog
This giant hog was discovered weighing over one thousand pounds and was nine feet, four inches long.
gian  hog
Giant Squid
A giant squid was discovered and it weighs and astounding nine hundred and ninety pounds.
giant squid
Giant Killer Sea Worm
A giant killer sea worm was discovered when workers couldn’t figure out what was killing the reef. This worm can numb a person for the rest of their life.
giant killer sea worm
Six Foot Tall Cow
This six foot tall cow was discovered by its owners. Even though he only eats during the day he is still the biggest cow on record.
six foot tall cow
Giant Jumping Rat
A Giant jumping rat the size of a rabbit was discovered lately and it is the largest one ever discovered of its kind.
giant jumping rat
Giant Shark
This giant shark was caught and weighed eleven hundred pounds and measured thirteen feet in length. This shark was the largest of the species of shark.
giant shark
Giant Stingray
The giant stingray was discovered and weighed in at seven hundred and seventy one pounds.
giant stingray
Giant Stick Bug
This giant stick bug was discovered and measured in at a whopping twenty-two inches in length.
the giant stick bug

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