Friday, October 22, 2010


Dabbawala of mumbai carriying lunch boxes
A dabbawalla prepraes to board a train at Grant Rd. Station with his tiffins on the return journey after lunchtime
Dabbawala mumbai, india
A hand-pulled cart for stacking tiffin lunch boxes for delivery by the Mumbai Dabbawallas. Near Churni Rd.Station
Dabbawala of mumbai
Collecting tiffins from train and sorting for cycle, cart & hand delivery – at the busy Dabbawalla hub near Churni Rd. Station
a women Dabbawala in mumbai

Dabba Markings by mumbai Dabbawala
The tiffin marking system used by Dabba Wallas to indicate where the lunch box is from and where it is going
Delivering tiffin lunch boxes near Churni station. Each of these trays carries about 45 - 60 tiffins
dabba of mumbai Dabbawala
Lunchboxes (dabba, tiffin) to be delivered by dabbawalla. The coding system ensures accurate delivery
Dabbawala mumbai

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