Friday, October 22, 2010


view of pune city with dark monsoon clouds
Ah! Pune ... long time no HDR. so I thought I'd do one. This after a wonderful afternoon! all the black spots u see (if you see) are birds and not dust spots... believe me... I may be rough on the camera, but take good care of it!
Shaniwar wada an old fort in pune
Lingmala Waterfalls near pune one of hot tourist destinations
The Lingmala Waterfalls, close to Mahabaleshwar, a Hill station near Pune in Maharastra, India. This photo was taken in the monsoon season, hence the waterfalls in all its glory, greenery all around. This is a 3-stage waterfalls about 600 ft high, and the spot where i took this snap from is fairly high.
combination of old & new building in the cit of pune
The city fathers made it a point to see that the old tower on NH4 was not touched during the road widening. So we have the old and the new side by side.
a road vendor in the pune city during monsoon rain
indian girls participating in pune marathon against aids
nature view in out skirts of pune
THis is one of the most beautiful places in Pune.
Sahyadri range near pune during monsoon

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