Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sculptures at Chennakesava temple

idol of "Nandi" the bull deity in hindu mythology, located in chennakesava temple belur, india
If that isn't a load of Bull, I dont know what is
sculpture of lady in chenakesava temple, india
Lady looking into mirror
elephant carved in stone at chennakesava temple in belur, karnataka

Idol of hindu god Lord vishnu at chennakesava temple
The wonders of the right hands on soapstone 
Statue of beautiful women in  belur
Statue of beautiful women in belur
idols of Siva & parvathi supreme hindu gods at chennakesava temple
The Happy Couple
beautiful sculptures at chennakesava temple

chennakesava temple
Trying to tell a story
sculpture of shiva
Source of the cycle of creation
ancient sculptures of indiaMusicians....note the hand clasping the drum

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