Friday, October 22, 2010

Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple
The temple
sculpture of Dwarapalaka in Gangaikondacholapuram temple
A magnificient temple built by Rajendra Cholan (the most ambitious of the Cholas) in the 11th Century AD to commemorate his victory over the kingdoms of the Ganga
Gangaikonda Cholapuram temple in tamilnadu, india built on dravidan art
The unfinished gopuram
an idol of indian godess in Gangaikondacholapuram
Sculpture at Gangaikonda Cholapuram
idol of nandi in Gangaikondacholapuram temple
Not as big as the Thanjavur nandi, but still massive!
Gangaikondacholapuram temple in india

Gangaikonda Cholapuram in tamilnadu indiagreat architecture

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