Friday, October 22, 2010

Darasuram Airavatesvara Temple

gopuram of darasuram temple
The temple functions in a limited way. A priest comes in once a day to do the poojas The temple though, is under ASI care
sculpture of an elephant in sarasuram temple
this temple has many many more such carvings. Tiny ones, big ones, micro ones, macro ones...just brilliant a temple
Darasuram temple, kumbakonam india
The structure extends a few more feet to the right, where I cut it off. And then there are the dormitory kind of halls all around the main structure, with dance halls and many pillared corridors and stuff. Each with tiny, micro statues and bas-relief panels and what not. So yes, much bigger than what this frame can afford to show
sculptures at darasuram temple
sculptures at darasuram temple
rock cut sculptures in darasuram temple
This part of the temple was hidden by later construction - roughly poured sand and carelessly hewn stone blocks covered it up. And then the ASI discovered the underlying pieces on a renovation drive and uncovered these masterpieces
sculpture of indian godess annapoorni
Statue of Annapoorni, the goddess of food in Indian Mythology. Exquisitely sculpted, beautiful, sensual what not 
Darasuram temple in tamilnadu
huge temple campus
rare & artistic sculptures at darasuram temple
Two bodies, one head. The Bull and the Elephant have something in common
sculptured & decorated pillars at darasuram templeThe electrical wires are there for the ASI (Archaeological survey of India) to help in their renovation works. Plus, the temple is still being used, albeit in a limited way

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