Friday, October 22, 2010

In Villages of TamilNadu

paddy fields in south india (tamilnadu)
Rural villagers planting a new crop of rice paddy in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. At this time, a month or so after the last of the monsoon rains, the area is very lush and fertile and beautiful. Agriculture is still a major activity in this area
traditional aarthi ceremony
a rural indian family
This family was kind enough to let me explore their house on my first visit to a village we are hoping to work in
small & colorful temple in tamilnadu
A typical richly painted roof elements of a small temple in rural Tamil Nadu. The colours are so vibrant and intense and it is amazing how much work is put into these temples dotted everywhere by the thousand, from grand ones to small
school kids
hand made pottery in tamilnadu
Arts from Mud
old indian lady "dravidain women"
On my first village visit, I got the chance to wander a bit through one of the hamlets, taking some pictures of rural life. This woman, shucking and drying ground nuts, asked for her picture taken too. It turned into a beautiful shot. Life is hard in rural India, but the people are some rich in spirit and warmth
a bullock cart in tamilnaduEco Friendly Truck

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