Friday, October 22, 2010

Life in Dharavi

dharavi mumbai, indian slums
Closing sacks containing sorted plastic for recycling at the Banvari Compound at Dharavi 
slumsif mumbai. dharavi
A receycling worker takes a break for tea in the Sanaullah Compound
traditional cloth printing in dharavi -- one of largest slums in world
Printing children's clothes deep in the Sanaullah Compound
indian women in dharavi india
In a small lane in the area of Kumbharwada where terracotta pots (matka) are made 
Dharavi Mosque in mumbai india
Housing and recycling units at Dharavi, flanked by a mosque. (one of 11 in the area)
young indian boy carriying loads in the slums of mumbai
indian women in dharavi slums
Grandmother and granddaughter of the tight-knit matka producing community at Kumbharwada 
young indian girl in the dharavi slums of mumbaiA young girl amongst sacks of items to be recycled at Dharavi's Jalil Compound

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