Friday, October 22, 2010

Kanha National Park

Kanha national park, india
beautiful & misty morning in Kanha
spotted deer or chital in kanha national park
Watching out
temite mound in kanha nationalpark india
It is supposed to be twice as deep... quite big home
royal bengal tiger in kanha national park
royal bengal tiger in kanha national park
elephant safari in kahna national park (tiger reserve)
We also went like this, coming really close to a pair of tigers laying in the grass
indian tiger in kanha tiger reserve
Kanha Wildelife Sanctuary, Picture taken on an Elephant's back
indian grey langur or hanuman langur
A langoor with special levitation powers at Kanha :D Just for kicks
exotic birds in kanha national parkYellow, brown and blue. These colours go with summer.

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