Thursday, October 21, 2010

Badami cave Temples

badami temple a tourist destination in karnataka
Badami rock cut Temple
Tourists Climbing up the mountains in Badami temple, karnataka
Climbing up the mountains in Badami
temples carved in the mountain at badami
Carved Mountain
sculpture of lord vishnu as a varaga avatar in badami cave temples in karnataka
Lord Vishnu as varaga

agtsya lake in badami temple, karnataka
Agatsya lake in Badami temp
carvings in the outside of the badami temples in karnataka a famous tourist attraction in karnataka
Getting Around in badami caves
relief of hindu gaod vishnu inside the badami cave temple in karnataka
Vishnu relief in Badami
Badami cave complex in karnataka, india
Lush green lawns in Badami temple complex

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