Friday, October 22, 2010


untouched beauty of dharamsala
Triund. Down to the right of this ridge is Dharamsala. Further up and to the left is the Snow Line Cafe
ancient church in dharamsala
Saint John’s Church in The Wilderness at Dharansala, Himachal Pradesh is arguably the oldest Anglican Cathedral in India. Built in 1852, this Gothic style stone and mortar Church is situated amidst tall, majestic Deodar trees. The founder of Dharamsala David McLeod and Lord Elgin Viceroy of India are buried here. The graveyard, in a state of poor repair, tells the story of the travails and persistence of the British colonial rulers. Three officers of the Indian Civil Service and a few other officers and Tea Garden officials who perished in the earthquake of 1905 which devastated Kangra Valley can also be seen here. The beautiful stained glass windows and the aesthetic proportions of the building sand its location in the middle of nowhere add to the charm of this monumental Anglican Church
statue of buddha
Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni inside the Tsuglagkhang Temple. (McLeod Ganj)
Mountains at Dharamsala
Nature at its best
buddhist monks at Tsuglagkhang
Tsuglag Khang, McLeodganj. This is the central chapel of the Tibetan Buddhists, where they worship the bodhisattvas and Avalokiteshvara. The monks would chat mantras in unison and every once in a while they would burst into sonorous activity of gongs and shells
Bhikkhuni or buddhist nuns at dharmasala
Buddhist nuns (?) in the courtyard of the Tsuglagkhang Complex. (McLeod Ganj)
Prayer wheels at the Tsuglag Khang, Dharamsala
Prayer wheels at the Tsuglag Khang, Dharamsala
road side stalls at dharmasala
The road from the center of McLeod Ganj to the Tsuglagkhang Complex is lined with people selling stone jewelry and prayer beads

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