Friday, October 22, 2010

Gingee Fort

The Gymnasium and the water tank of Fort Gingee in tamilnadu
Venkataramanaswami Temple in Gingee
gingee fort one of famous forts in india
Kalyana Mahal, perhaps the living quarters of the queens in gingee one of famous fort in india
Rajagiri or gingee fort in vilupuram tamilnadu
A view of the Rajagiri Citadel (atop the hill), Kalyana Mandapam (white tower) and the Mohabatkhan mosque (right) at the en:Gingee Fort complex.
part of gingee fort
Raja Desingh’s platform in gingee fort
water tank inside the gingee fort
This fort was originally built by a king called Ananda Konar. The Konar clan paid tributes to the mighty cholas and in return had control over their fiefdom. Later on, with the fall of the Cholas, the fort was taken over by the Marathis - and in particular by a king called Tejsing. Called the Troy of India, this is one impregnable fort. Finally, Hyder ali captured this fort and the Muslims stayed on..

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