Friday, October 22, 2010

Golkonda Fort

golconda fort in andhra pradesh india
Looking back up at the fort from the palace grounds you can see why it was such a good defensive position. Like so many similar stories, the fort held out strong under siege for years, breaking more than one army, until a trusted commander betrayed them and opened the gates. And as all these stories go, of course that turncoat was rewarded for his services to the triumphant Mughals by execution since they weren't about to trust him either
ruins of golconda fort
On the other side of the fort, the foundations of the large palace are all that remains. Much of the fort and all of its walls are in remarkably good shape, but when the Mughal army took the fort, they looted, destroyed and burned the 3-story palace to the ground
palace inside golconda fort
So inside the palace and the fort were acustic wonders. The walls were made such that any whisper in the centre of the room can be heard at the pillars. Apparently it was also made such that anything whispered in any of the guestrooms could be heard in the King's bedchamber, allowing him to eavesdrop on any potential plots against him. As our guide explained it, he was a very clever man. And very paranoid. He probably had cause
Army barracks in golconda fort, india
The army barracks down in the base of Golconda Fort
long stairways of golconda fort
I had to walk up about a bazillion stairs to the get to the fortress heights. I sure got a work out!
canon balls at the fort of golconda
long walkway  inside golconda fort
temple inside Golconda Fortbeautifully carved stone scenes are now a worshiped spot deep inside Golconda Fort in what once was a prison chamber

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