Friday, October 22, 2010


entrance of veerabadra temple an rock temple built during the age of vijayanagra empire
huge idol nandi an sacred bull in hindy mythology located ar the lepaksh temple a sculpture if a women in the pillars of lepaksh temple
paintings (murals) in the walls & ceiling of lepakshi temple
the tower or gopuram of lepakshi temple
idol of the god deocrated with garlands inside the temple
unfinished part of temple at lepakshi
The Shiva Parvathi Kalyana Mantap at the Veerabhadra temple at Lepakshi is the one portion of the temple that was never completed. Legend has it that the popularity of Virupanna, the local chief who was responsible for building of this temple, did not go down well with a few people and they poisoned the ears of King. The king questioned the integrity of Virupanna. Before his noble intentions could be punished unjustly, Virupanna supposedly gauged out his own eyes and threw them on the walls of the temple. The construction of the temple was immediately stopped and the Kalyana Mantap which was not complete at that time was left as is. Unfortunate.

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