Friday, October 22, 2010

Mumbai Daily Life

old book stall in mumbai
maintanance work in the streets of mumbai
mumbai roads flooded during monsoon
Andheri Kurla Road early morning
a local store in mumbai
A small roadside-stall near the Worli village fish market.
Every day in Mumbai over 200,000 custom lunch boxes are packed in private residences and hand delivered by over 5,000 wallahs to office workers throughout the city. They use a sophisticated system of numbeers and colors since many of the wallahs are illiterate. The same intricate supply-chain system has been used for centuries.
a auto driver in mumbai
Kamathipura world largest redlight district in mumbai
Red Light District – Mumbai Cages – a very sad place.
a suburban train in mumbai
It's past 9 PM on Saturday on the train running towards Panvel. The lady's compartment is super-packed!! I used to think the NYC subways were bad during rush hour but Mumbai takes the cake. Women in saris pushing, squeezing, shouting, pulling, even with their little children inside!

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