Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Tamil Script

anciet tamil inscriptions in the temple walls of tamilnadu
A stone-inscription with Indo-arabic numerals 355. Very strange, for at first the number looked like 1355, roughly a 100 years after the Darasuram temple was built. But later, Kingsley tells me the number is 355...what looks like 1 is in fact a part of the previous letter. Kingsley also tells me that in Tamil temples, numbers would be written out in words and not using numerals. Altogether a strange piece of writing.
inscriptions in anient tamil in the temple of kanchipuram
beautiful and well-preserved ancient Tamil script at the 8th century Kailasanatha Temple in Kanchipuram. Interestingly, the older script shares much more similarity to Hindi than the modern scripts have evolved.
temple inscriptions in tamil at thanjore big temple
This script was found on the temple walls of the Tanjore Bragadeeshwara temple. This is very different from the present Tamil script.
tamil inscriptions in kanchipuram temple one ofancient & livng language
tamil inscriptions in a temple at thenkasi, tamilnadu
கல்வெட்டு (Kalvettu - Kal = stone + vettu = Cut/carve/etch) at Kasi Viswanathar temple, at Tenkasi, Tamilnadu. A kalvettu recorded details such as the king of the province, his regnal year, his predecessors, the wars he fought in, the enemies he conquered. It lists the grants that king has made towards building that temple, who built it, and what kind of charities and donations will keep it afloat. This makes these kalvettu-s a great record of history.
old tamil script in thanjavur big temple
11th century Tamil inscriptions on one wall of the Brihadeeswara temple, Tanjavur. Taken on 24th of October, 2007.
stone inscription in the temples of tamilnadu

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