Friday, October 22, 2010


flower decoration during the time of onam a harvest festival in kerala
Onapottan a legand related to onam festival of kerala
`Onapottan' - a folk character seen during Onam season specially in North Malabar Region. With the face painted and crown ( Kireedam ) he has a bell in his hand and an umbrella made of Palm Leaves on the other.
lamps during onam festival of kerala
snake boat race or vadakkanody vallam of kerala during onam festival
chenda performance in kummattikali during onam festival
sadhya during the onam festival of kerala indian women dancing during onam festival
Kummattikali performance during onam festival
Pulikkali an art form associated aith the onam festival in kerala..These men painted as tigers would dance and the best perfomer would be selected out of hundreds ...

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