Friday, October 22, 2010

Padmanabhapuram Palace

padmanabhapuram palace built on ancient kerala style
huge dining hall in padmanabhapuram palace
kings court in padmanabhapuram palace
Padmanabhapuram palace in india
The traditional home of the Travancore royal family of Kerala.
huge pillar made of wood in padmanabhapuram palace
Kannimoola-TheSouthwest corner of a traditional building or temple is very special. It is known as Kannimoola and this is the place, which provides protection to this palace.
padmanabhapuram palace
The palace is known for it antiques, including the armoury of the royal family.
artistic wood work in padmanabhapuram palace
The woodwork in this palace is intricate. This Palace is maintained by the Govt.of Kerala Tourism Board.

bed room in padmanabhapuram palace
King's bed made of 18 ayurvedic herbs and wood

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