Thursday, October 21, 2010


Palitana temple the most sacred & famous temple of jains located in Gujarat, India
Domes of Palitana Temples
Jain temple built in marbles, a major tourist attraction in Gujarat
The main temple of Palitana built in the top of a mountain
colorful rangoli in palitana, Gujarat tourism
Rangoli Decoration in Palitana temple
walls of Palitana temple made of marble stones with artistic carvings
Marlble walls in Palitana
cluster of Palitana jain temples in Gujarat, India
Panoramic view of Palitana temples
sculptures in the walls of Palitana temple a major tourist attraction in Gujarat
Sculptures of dancing Girls
sculpture of a warrior in the palitana jain temple
palitana guardian
man cleaning the premises of the palitana temple with peacock feathers
peacock dance palitana

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