Friday, October 22, 2010


gopuram of ramanathaswamy temple at rameshwaram
rameswaram town one of the holiest in india
Of Ramaswaram. This town is one of the holiest towns in India. Thousands make pilgrimedge here. The town temple is considered one of the four pillars of Hinduism that all Hindus should visit in their lifetime.
colorful hindu idols in ranganathaswamy temple at rameswaram
train passes through the pamban bridge
Train on its way from the mainland to Rameswaram ..
one of many small islands in pamban
corridors of rameshwaram temple
local store selling sea shells and other handicrafts at the shore of pamban
one of many sand bars in rameswaram
Lands end is basically a sand bar like this that extends for miles. This is actually the end of it and the closest land in India to Sri Lanka.

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