Friday, October 22, 2010


colorful bangles for sale at chitrasanthe
local sweets  for sale in chitra santhe an annual cultural festival in banglore
There were at least 50 different items like these being sold at this stall. Its a pity I was broke or I'd have bought a lot of goodies!

Check out the intricacy of the carving!!!
artistic candles for sale in chita santhe
That's a lot of wax!
stick figures for sale in chitra santhe a annual fair at karnataka
Reminds me of the ones in Blair Witch Project.
sandals for sale at citra santhe fair in karnataka
Waiting to be worn....
colorful necklaces at chitra santhe
Very pretty! If i were a girl, I'd have been completely broke buying stuff like this.
jathre festival in karnataka

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