Friday, October 22, 2010

Gir Forest National Park

asiatic lion in gir forest india
deer inside gir forest india

Mongoose trying to find food from plastic bag in the jungle of SASAN GIR (the only home of Asiatic Lions)
skull of indian buffalo in gir forest, india
asiatic lion in gir forest india
male pecock dancing with colorful plumage in gir forest india
chital or soptted deer in the jungles of gir
Chital or Cheetal or the Spotted Deer is the most commonly found animal in this 1500 odd sq km Gir sanctuary. There are about 46000 cheetals in this place. Gir Forest is the last surviving natural habitat of the Asiatic Lion as well as the only place left in the world to see this wild cat.
male asiatic lion in gir forest

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