Friday, October 22, 2010


aerial view of the gurgon city, india
dangerous public transport in the roads of gurgaon
Location: The Posh Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, India This is a everyday site on Gurgaon roads, where public transport is a big problem, and the buses on the road are not sufficient to match up with the need. No need to mention the rash driving by these bus drivers contribute to the menace on the road.
Sarus Crane in Sultanpur National Park, gurgaon
A pair of Sarus cranes (Grus antigone) with their juvenile progeny at Sultanpur National Park, Gurgaon, India. These large (up to 5' tall) cranes pair for life.
A major office complex in Gurgaon.
Under construction buildings; as shot from a balcony of Ishank's flat. Its sand all around 'coz of winds!
constuction workers in the city of gurgaon
street life in gurgaon city
road side snack in the streets of gurgaon
at a roadside eatery at Gurgaon. They serve absolutely delicious paranthas and hot maggi! Its quite the treat to beat the cold delhi nights

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