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stupa in sanchi an buddhist pilgrimage dite
The stupa as viewed from the Eastern gate. This is the main stupa at Sanchi. It is said to contain the relics of Gautam Buddha. The last time I visited this place (way back in 1995), tall grass had claimed its place on the muddy patchwork done on the stupa. This place has improved a lot since then.
entrance of a stupa in sanchi carved in stone with artistic idols
ruins of a monastry in sanchi, madhya pradesh
This is the largest monastery at Sanchi. There are many other smaller monasteries in this place. All the others are worse than this though. This is the most well preserved one. Pretty good view the monks must have woken up to every day.
buddhist monks visiting sanchi a famous buddhist pilgrimage site
I was lucky enough to spot a few Tibetan monks who visited Sanchi the same day as I did. This is what the place must have looked like 2000 years ago when the monasteries were in good condition. Now all that is left of them is the base structure
ruins at sanchi a busshist pilgrimage site in india
Many incomplete/damaged stupas, temples and monasteries can be seen all over the campus. Some Hindu temples were also built in the vicinity of the main stupa. One of them had its base made out of stone and the upper structure was made of wood. The temple was destroyed in a fire.
carvings in stone tablet at sanchi india
ruins at sanchi an ancient buddhist pilgrimage site in india
Many such nicely carved blocks of stone are stacked here. This is only one such lot. These were probably found scattered all over the complex when this place was discovered. I saw a similar stack of rock sculptures at the Neelkantheshwar temple at Udaypur (yes Udaypur, MP not Udaipur, Rajasthan). Shall be posting those soon. My road to Udaypur (or the lack of it:P) was quite interesting. Will be posting the story too.

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