Friday, October 22, 2010


hindus at the banks of holy river ganga in haridwar
Ganga Dashara, the most ancient river festival in existence, occurs on the dashmi or tenth tithi of the Hindu lunar month of Jyestha during Shukla Paksha or the bright fortnight. For public participation, when it falls on week days, it is celebrated on the Sunday after. The festival celebrates the coming of the Holy Ganga from the celestial regions to the Earth. Thus, it is a celebration of purity, environment and family
holy items in the streets of haridwar
Red tikka powder and necklaces for sale along the river in Haridwar
huge statue of lord shiva in haridwar
a Procession of god in the streets of haridwar
A Procession of god in the streets of haridwar
Bathing in Ganges, Haridwar -- one of holiest and large river in world
pilgrims and locals dip in the Ganges
indian women prying in river ganges
flowers for god and ganga maa in haridwar
A ceremony takes place at the ghat each evening. Leaf boats filled with flowers and candles are set afloat on the river. Here, a stall selling flower boats
holy pilgrim shops in the streets of haridwar
Shops abound in Haridwar selling everything a good and devout pilgrim might want in their puja and worship inclusing rice to throw into the water, jugs to fill with holy water from the Ganga, powers and bindis and beads of all colours and materials

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