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odissi one of ancient arts in world
Odissi (or Orissi) is the traditional style of dance that originated in the state of Orissa in Eastern India, where it was performed by the Maharis (temple dancers). It is one of the oldest surviving forms of dance, with evidence dating back to 2200 BC to be found in the caves of Khandagiri and Udayagiri in Orissa. Odissi is characterised by its curvaceous movements, sculpturesque poses full of languid grace and an imposing demeanour at the same time
odissi performance by indian women
Odissi dancer Sitara Thobani performing at the Surrey Festival of India
odissi an classical indian art
odissi story telling by dance
Nandini Ghosal performing an Indian classical dance: Odissi at the Coffman Memorial Union in the University
odissi classical indian dance
odissi performance by indian women
Dipanwita Roy (dance), Priyadarshini Roy (dance), Debashish Sarkar (vocal), Chandrachur Bhattacharya (sitar), Kishore Ghosh (tabla and pakhawaj) In coproduction with Samhati Dipanwita Roy is one of the most eminent Odissi dancer and disciple of Kelucharan Mahapatra and Sanjukta Panigrahi. She danced in the world and taught his art in his own school are welcomed Indian artists, but also foreigners. Trained in Shibaranjani gharana, his daughter Priyadarshini occurred on stage at the age of four years and Indian television at the age of six years
face expression in odissi

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